Single mothers are worthless and are good for sex that is the mentality alot of men have, the think that single mothers are worthless they are not good for anything. Unfortunately I’m a single mom i know our story too well people look down on women who are singleMom.

As a single mom many men will come into your life their mentality they think that you’re worthless they don’t want No woman with a child their only intention is to use you and dump you they will never marry a single mom that’s a lot of Men’s IQ

I tell you this, don’t be a desperate singleM Believe in yourself you will find a good man that will love you. The point is you are not worthless or a piece of trash pray to LORD and he will make your enemies your footstool. Any man who come into your life just for your body and did not have any good intentions for you is a bad influence an enemy. Never make your mistake defined you.

Im encouraging you to stop crying, thinking or feel worthless because of this people remember children are blessings from God . Many of this people mocking you don’t even have a womb many of them are in 5,10,15 years of marriage without a child. Be a strong woman believe in yourself work hard genuine love will locate you don’t be a liability to anyman that comes into your life and trust me you will be fine.

Being a single mother is a very hard job we need encouragement, help and not condemnation. Don’t be a discourage single mom have faith in yourself and believe in yourself and don’t make anybody make you feel worthless.

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1 Widowed Parents

2 Divorced Parents

3 None Married Parents.

There are some Divorced and None married parents who share custody and there some who literally do 100% of the childcare and the child doesn’t knw about the other parents.

What if the other parents has been helpful financially and eventually stopped and you on the other hand had nothing to live on except from your child’s upkeep, it crazy right?. Single motherhood is hard but you can still be the best you despite the challenges that’s why as a single mom you need to buckle up, WE HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA. social media has been nothing but a great help for us all. Get yourself busy online, You can blog, dropshiping, a writer, singer and so on and it will help you as a single mom.

How difficult is being a single mother.

There’s an emotional fear that single mothers go through, loneliness and depression when mothers cannot share the good and bad experiences with someone or have a partner to share the work with. It crazy when you look around and find yourself in such a mess no where to run to , Lack of financial support. Some Single mothers wish they could turn back the hands of time just to make things right when they often feel guilty for not providing enough for their kids.

Being a new mother can be overjoyed. You will go through alot of emotions, and anxiety, self-doubt and fear can cloud your mind, you will feel like the world should come to an end right at the moment. And if you are a lonely single mother you may get anxious about your child’s future, well-being and how to take care of yourself and finances without your partner’s support and run a home as well.

You might also find yourself feeling empty and neglected by loved ones and people around you, which can take a toll on your emotion and physical wellbeing and make your life miserable and hard. However, you have to be strong, get up and fight, work hard so you could give your child a better life and future.

In this post, I will be sharing some tips for single mothers on how to deal with depression and loneliness.

4 ways to kill depression.

1 Attend a single moms’ support group. There is power and knowledge in the gathering. There is a great hope and idea found among single moms who have similar stories and life experiences. Find a group to get connected here.

2 Get closer to God. Best person you can share your burden’s with and trust me he will take it off your shoulder. Read bible, go to church, engaged yourself with the word of God let him fill your spirit and soul with love,peace, healing and also he will show you the Right path.

3 Your child. Your child should be your happiness, Your child should be the one giving you all the strength you looking for because that a sign that God loves you. Children are precious, and a blessing gift from God. Many people are praying, spending money to have atleast ONE CHILD

4 Stop regretting. A lot of single mothers regrets the situation they found themselves they all wish God can turn back the hands of time. Do you believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger like they said? What people don’t know is that single motherhood makes you stronger it makes you to realize that you’re a woman it gives you the audacity to know what life is all about it open your eyes . Stop regretting, stop wishing, stop blaming yourself speak positively into your life and trust me you will be good everything will be fine.